Breast thermography

Thermography West works with Dr. Penny Seth-Smith, ND in Victoria, BC to give you the most complete experience in Breast Health.

We follow international imaging protocols including the cold-water challenge and have over 13 years imaging experience.

Your images will be analyzed by a Board Certified Thermographer. Full colour reports are ready, returned and explained to you within 5 days of imaging.

Various mobile imaging clinics are held in Vancouver, White Rock, and Port Moody throughout the year. Please call 250-590-7457 for further information and dates.

Breast thermography is an imaging procedure used to monitor breast health. We also provide facial/cranial/thyroid imaging and full-body imaging.

Breast thermography is a great option for women of all ages and shapes including younger women who may have dense breast tissue, women with fibrocystic breasts, and even women with implants. It provides women with valuable baseline information which can help evaluate future breast health and potential risk factors.

The advantages of early assessment of risk factors could be life-saving.

For further information about infrared thermography, please visit Thermography Clinic.